In John 13:35, Jesus says, “By this all people will know you are my disciples, if you have love for one another.” When we genuinely love and care for one another, then allow that love to be seen and experienced by those who don’t yet believe, we are spreading our passion for Christ in a powerful way.

That’s why Grace Groups are at the heart of our church’s strategy for spreading a passion for Christ. Our Grace Groups are welcoming communities that not only meet regularly, but share life with one another. When you become part of a Grace Group, you are not joining a Bible Study. You are committing to share life with some other Christ followers or people exploring the claims of Christ. You will meet together for Christ-centered discussion and prayer, but you’ll also find yourself sharing meals together, caring for one another in times of need, and developing genuine friendships with the members of your group. To see how this looks, please watch this video:

grace groups video

But that care and concern is not only shared with other Christians. These groups are Christian communities, but communities on a mission to spread a passion for Christ. Grace Groups will at times volunteer in various venues around our region to meet and show love toward those who don’t yet believe. They will serve neighborhoods and the city. They will wrap their groups around hurting people who don’t yet know Christ, and bring the message of Jesus to our region in word and in deed.

What to Expect

At Grace Road we understand that their are natural hesitations and questions you may have before attending a Grace Group. We hope the information below answers some of the questions you may have regarding our Grace Groups and help relieve your fears.

What is a Grace Group?

A Grace Group consist of 8 to 16 welcoming people that gather for friendship, gospel-centered dialogue, and prayer. They are for all ages and stages of spiritual maturity. No matter how new you are to the Christian faith, you will enjoy a Grace Group.

When and where do the groups meet?

Groups gather typically once per week for a few hours at a church members home.

What happens during a Grace group gathering?

Though each group differs in format, group meetings include a social time, group discussion, and prayer.

How long do groups stay together?

Typically Grace Groups begin in September and remain together until early June. You are always welcome to join a group at any time even if you have missed the September launch.

Can I bring my children?

Childcare is managed by each individual group. Some groups rotate childcare responsibility among group members, some hire a sitter, and some work out childcare needs according to individual family needs.

Can I visit a group before committing to one?

Of course! Before making a commitment you are more than welcome to visit any Grace Group you wish.

Have more questions? Please contact our Community Pastor.