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Advent: Love

Updated: Feb 25

Lisa Good knows that God’s love is enough. When Lisa’s father left her family at a young age, she experienced a sense of abandonment that continued to haunt her relationships. Searching for true love and fulfillment in her formative years, Lisa found herself in a bad relationship with an unfaithful partner. At 18, she discovered she was pregnant, and he asked her to have an abortion. The result of that decision caused Lisa to spiral into a deep depression. But that’s when the Lord began to pursue her soul. Lisa came to see that true love and fulfillment can only be found in Christ. Lisa shares, “I would say that the reason why we have a desire to be loved is because it can be fulfilled. When we don’t ever feel that fulfillment in people, it’s because it was designed to be fulfilled by something greater.” Hear Lisa’s full story here:


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