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Ministry with Deaf and Hard of Hearing

Visually communicating the truth of God’s word and the good news of Jesus


Ministry with Deaf and Hard of Hearing


“With” not “to” - we believe the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (DHoH) community is created by God  (Exodus 4:11) with unique gifts and talents to spread the love of Christ and the Good News of His death, burial, and resurrection to friends, families, and the world.


We envision a strong, healthy, dynamic community of

visual communicators who will:

  • Love Jesus and His Good News

  • Know, understand, and love the Bible

  • Lead within the DHoH community and beyond

  • Serve families, the church, and neighbors

We believe each individual’s true identity is found in Christ.

You are invited to check out this growing group of

passionate Christ followers.

ASL interpretation is available at our 11:00 AM services.

You can watch previous sermons with ASL interpretation here by selecting a sermon and then clicking the ASL option. Our ASL ministry team also provides interpretation at Grace Road events, workshops, and retreats by request.

ASL Director contact:

 Kayla Donnellan

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