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Poverty has reached historic levels.
Government agencies slash their budgets more and more every day.
Nonprofits struggle to keep their doors open.
Giving up isn’t an option. We can’t sit back and watch the world go by. We hope you won’t either.

God has given each of us each unique interests, skills and gifts and we believe that we are all made to live a life that makes a difference in this world, just like Jesus did. We do not want to be a church that simply meets in a building in our cities and towns, but rather a body of believers that demonstrates the gospel by serving our region.

We are committed to advancing the kingdom beyond the walls of Grace Road Church. We don’t assume for a minute that all of the good programs that serve our region were thought up by our congregation, so we’ve partnered with some amazing organizations that serve the last, the least and the lost.

Local Missions

International Missions

Church Plants

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