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The Bible is full of references where we see God move on behalf of women, hear women (Genesis 21:17), draw near to their need (Matthew 9:20-22), advocate for them and protect them in written law, set them in positions of historical influence (Ex 1:15-22, Joshua 2, Esther), weep with them (John 11:33-35) and use them in the building of the early church (Acts 16:11-15, Romans 16:1-2). Women are not absent from the story of the Gospel. (In fact, Jesus went out of his way to teach in places where women could hear the truth in the synagogues!) Women do not take a less important role or a backseat position in God’s Kingdom. And at Grace Road, we firmly believe that women matter, have a voice and are uniquely designed to serve a complementary purpose within the body of Christ, just as scripture shows us and teaches us about the unique gender roles of men and women. Plain and simple — we love and value our women from all places and stages at Grace Road!

We believe that God created men and women equal but different and we want to see the community of women at Grace Road grow into a vibrant community of people who…

1. Love Jesus and the Gospel.
2. Love and understand the scriptures.
3. Know how to read the Bible for themselves.
4. Are involved in influential roles within their community.
5. Love and serve their families and communities.
6. Are active members of their church.
7. Can articulate a Gospel-centered, healthy exegesis of scripture.

We also plan to have annual events that encourage our community of women through teaching, panel discussions, shared meals, retreats, classes or other events. The women at Grace Road have an opportunity to not only be on the front-lines of bringing the Gospel to their families and children, but also to their college campuses, cities and their surrounding community. We also provide counseling resources for any women who want to seek spiritual and mental health, marriage resources, safety resources for women who are in physical harm, and pastors and leaders to talk with about an array of topics.

At Grace Road, we want to encourage our women to be grounded in truth and the Gospel, confident in our identity in Him, and able to complement our brothers in Christ as we all work to bring light to the darkness in every corner of Rochester, NY.

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