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Grow Groups exist to provide a place for curriculum-driven community within our church. They are gender-specific groups that meet on a 6-week cycle. In these groups, members memorize scripture, study the Bible, pray and care for one another. 


For a list of locations, current study, and launch dates, contact our Women's Director, Andrea Burke.

What to Expect

At Grace Road we understand that their are natural hesitations and questions you may have before attending a Grow Group. We hope the information below answers some of the questions you may have regarding our Grow Groups and help relieve your fears.

What is a Grow Group?

Grow Groups are curriculum-driven, gender-specific groups that meet in 6-week cycles. Groups meet to memorize scripture, study books and the Bible, pray for one another in one-on-one settings, and work out what they’re learning through practical applications. Grow Groups ask for six week commitments before joining a group.

When and where do the groups meet?

Grow Groups meet on different days and times of the week in group leaders’ homes.

What happens during a Grow group gathering?

Each Grow Group follows the same format. Members recite a scripture that the entire group is memorizing, they break off into one-on-one prayer time with an assigned prayer partner, watch a weekly video, discuss practical applications, and spend time discussing what they’re studying in that session. The group is two hours long.

How long do groups stay together?

Groups meet year round in six week cycles. The groups begin in January and take a couple weeks off in December.

Can I bring my children?

There is no childcare for Grow Groups. It is recommended that no children are present during the Grow Group session. Some groups allow kids under a certain age (under 2). Some groups have considered finding childcare for the two hours so that members can attend with their children.

Can I visit a group before committing to one?

We don’t offer any options to visit a Grow Group before joining. If you decide you don’t want to be in a Grow Group after joining or if it no longer is a good option for you, you can step out of the group after the six week cycle ends.