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Ethan and Elizabeth are medical missionaries passionate about bringing spiritual and physical healing to Cambodia. Corinne Porter is a nurse who serves with Ethan and Elizabeth in medical mission there. God saved Ethan as a child, grew his faith through Stage IV cancer as a teenager, and called him to missions through a Kenyan mentor. Ethan now works as a pediatrician at Hebron Hospital and teaches nursing and medical students. His passion is preaching the Gospel through medicine. Elizabeth spends her days teaching at home, studying Khmer, writing, and keeping her CME current by looking up answers to informal medical consults. She is committed to discipleship and health education as means of living out the Gospel. Ethan and Elizabeth completed their residencies in Rochester, NY, where Ethan trained in Pediatrics and Elizabeth in Family Medicine and Preventive Medicine. They are thankful for the children God has given them in the past decade of life on three continents. Josiah, Esther, Isaiah, and Ezekiel have enjoyed their own international journeys and continue to bring light and laughter to every day.

Below is a video about their journey:

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